It all started on E-Bay when I decided to import something to treat myself.  Nothing extravagant.  Just some Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  I liked the look of some cards I saw and decided I’d get them since they were a bargain.  What is the problem then? The cards in question were located in the US.  ‘No problem’ […]

Merry Christmas from myself.  I am writing an article that will likely get me flamed, anger, hate and anything else.  Note that before you read on, the object is not to insult you as a consumer or your expectations but to get you to reflect on why you believe 2 characters on this rumoured (note: […]

I have always been a fan of both shows.  I just never came forward.  I agreed with people who defended Elementary for the few years it has been here.  For all the bad publicity it got, it was it’s own show and stood out from the BBC take.  However, seeing last night’s Sherlock episode get […]

Incoming horrible idea blasting people. I don’t care if this gets flamed. I would like to see Team Ninja return to Metroid. It wasn’t their idea to take that direction with the story. With their success at Hyrule Warriors they are talking about taking another stab at Nintendo franchises. I say let them crack Metroid. […]

I am having a race.  A race that shouldn’t be happening.  I am one who kept on top of them through pre-orders yet still couldn’t get hold of my Rosalina.  Why? Because somebody bought my Rosalina.  That is a form of stealing.  I’m glad you guys are having a ball with nearly 2.6 million amiibos […]

A sequel I have been craving for since 2002 is about to get shown in more than 1 year.  My long waiting is coming to an end and my patience is finally going to be rewarded.  Jurassic World here I come.  I’ll book a ticket to the grand opening.  In my excitement I have contemplated […]

A lot of fans are quick to trash current Doctor Who episodes. Mainly they think it was so much better when David Tennant was in it. Perhaps they have genuine criticisms in Steven Moffat’s vision for the direction of the show. I am here to address them. People criticized his episode Asylum of the Daleks. […]