Donald Trump is giving me customs charges!


It all started on E-Bay when I decided to import something to treat myself.  Nothing extravagant.  Just some Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  I liked the look of some cards I saw and decided I’d get them since they were a bargain.  What is the problem then? The cards in question were located in the US.  ‘No problem’ I thought.  ‘I’ll just import them’.  Then on a strange midday on November 10th 2016 while sat in my chair doing nothing I heard the post slip through the box.  It was one of the old red cards Royal Mail drops every now and again.

At first I thought it was just a signed for thing.  Until I saw a large amount of cash being requested.  Upon looking into it I found out the parcel arrived on the 9th shortly after he got “elected” by the American people (I still think it was rigged).


Test results: You Brexited those papers kids!

When Donald Trump uttered the line “Tomorrow is going to be a historic day! I think its a Brexit plus plus plus does that make sense?”  No.  No it doesn’t Donald.  It doesn’t make any sense at all.  Does it mean you aren’t going to accept defeat if you lose? Does it mean you will claim the election was a suggestion like our MPs did when things didn’t go their way?


Above: this is what you were promised for leaving.

Below: this is what you get for leaving


Well apparently it means the dollar was crashing.  “Oh thats what he meant by Brexit plus plus plus.” (quoting myself).

And this is where my problem comes in.  When I actually looked there were a tonne of customs charges made over the next few days because of him winning.  Basically it is his fault I am reluctant to import my parcels.  It shouldn’t be surprising he is affecting everybody’s life considering he is the reincarnation of Hitler but it still surprises me this happened.  Naturally his dollars are safe.  Trump Tower would never collapse like his campaign because he didn’t lose.

How are a bunch of cards subject to customs charges? Only in this new world order can we be forced to suffer these mishaps.

I make a suggestion that we blame him for everything.  It is his fault for my customs charge.  It is his fault we need our wisdom teeth out.  It is his fault 50 Cent’s name is now worth 50 cents more than he is.  It is his fault that the Blackbirds fell from the sky in Arkansas.  It is his fault anime is censored.  It is his fault that reaction videos on YouTube have replaced the brilliance of his past life form ranting and swearing at political propaganda (though why he wanted himself out of the limelight I don’t know).


^ Donald ranting about YouTube reactions dethroning him.

There is no way I can see this lunatic getting in again.


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