Dear Nintendo: cards aren’t acceptable!

I am having a race.  A race that shouldn’t be happening.  I am one who kept on top of them through pre-orders yet still couldn’t get hold of my Rosalina.  Why? Because somebody bought my Rosalina.  That is a form of stealing.  I’m glad you guys are having a ball with nearly 2.6 million amiibos sold because I’m not.  A part of that is my own money which I gave you to provide me with the figures I want.  Instead I had to buy Rosalina on E-Bay at nearly 3 times the original price.  Why should that happen when I have my money ready to buy your crumby plastic? When you announce something that consumers are interested in you immediately commit yourself to provide those interested with the product they seek.  You keep telling me to keep my patience and how am I rewarded? By employees at local stores laughing in my face because they don’t have that figure.  I would have pre-ordered her online but you know, she kind of sold out in the first day.  Your blind fanboys may be stupid enough to bend over and not call you on this bull but its time somebody did.  I waited patiently for these amiibos and now I am told to f*** off because you guys aren’t making the figures I want.

Before any of you say, I am not new to collecting.  I have collected many toys in my time.  Power Rangers, Pokemon cards, Doctor Who, Marvel and even the stupid Pokemon toys but never in my years have I experienced such a huge shortage and such a blatant disregard for those of us who want the figures we seek.  I know you are new to this but seriously, one day might be enough time for me to pre-order the figures I want but what about average Joe who is trying to get hold of something?  Apparently in Rosalina’s case one day wasn’t enough anyway.  She alluded me.  So how do you plan to make this right? Reprint her? Of course not.  That would be too much to ask.  Instead you are willing to make it right by making….. a card. A card? With all that money you just got? Your blind idiots may accept that but I won’t.  A card does not compare to a sculpt standing there among the rest of the troops.  Anyone who even pretends otherwise must be one of the most foolish corporate apologists I have ever encountered.  If you prefer collecting cards over figurines, that is a different story.  I accept your opinion then.  You may even prefer cards, but you seriously cannot defend the bullsh!t conclusion that cards are to be the acceptable replacement for the figures we can’t get hold of.  Especially after the amount of cash you have just made from these things.  Cards should be able to coexist with the Smash Bros figures, not replace them entirely.

Now with Super Mario amiibo you could provide an alternative to me getting Rosalina.  However, what if the purist in me said “it doesn’t look right without the Smash Bros version”.  I am supposed to be collecting the Smash Bros amiibos after all.

^This picture implies Rosalina might get a second figure

These are suggestions I would give Nintendo to stop this and give you all a chance at getting the figure you seek.  Firatly, limit pre-orders.  That is the most obvious.  Secondly, as opposed to making an entirely new line take a second half of the year to reprint the Smash Bros line and make sure the people that want them can get hold of them.  Provide local stores with enough stock to get hold of everybody.  Take another half year to redo the entire line before you introduce new sets.  At least then some of us can get the figures without having to jump through hoops.

Why do I consider this a serious matter suddenly? Its simple, you just gave these Marth scalpers an excuse to inflate the price.  Not only is Marth a highly sought after but now he is required to access game content (a move you conveniently denied you would ever do).  Want to play as Marth in Steam? Go get that figure and scan him in your 3DS.  Doesn’t that look good on the greedy scalpers description on E-Bay?

 ^ I definitely don’t love buying from these people

So you could be asking why I even care when I got hold of Rosalina anyway.  Simple answer, I shouldn’t have to pay nearly 3 times the price to get her.  There should be enough for all of us.  I should have been able to get her.  As a collector I am not new to people charging what they want but that method should not be taken because a company can’t produce enough figures at retailers.  I’m glad you are enjoying yourselves Nintendo because I’m not.  Why do I have to watch websites like a hawk to get these things when I can pre-order any game I want at any time? You have my money.  I kept my patience.  Use my money to give me the figures I want.  That Rosalina I bought could have been money in your own pockets but whatever.  I should be able to pre-order my amiibo figures at any time.


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