Why Steven Moffat is better then Russell T Davies


A lot of fans are quick to trash current Doctor Who episodes. Mainly they think it was so much better when David Tennant was in it. Perhaps they have genuine criticisms in Steven Moffat’s vision for the direction of the show. I am here to address them. People criticized his episode Asylum of the Daleks. Expecting us to just accept the Daleks had council meetings. As a new fan you don’t understand this weird turn for these creatures. It seems too unnatural for creatures bent on killing everything to have a parliament. Well there was a criticism older fans had in RTD’s version of the Master. That being there was no drum beat in his head in the first place. He was just insane. Your criticisms are based on how Doctor Who looked to you as you saw it through RTD’s vision, but you fail to compare his vision to how the show originally was. When you compare the two Steven Moffat’s vision is far more true to the original ones then RTD ever was.

So why am I defending Steven Moffat when he gets a lot of criticism lately? Its simple. David Tennant may be a great actor but the scripts he acted to were incredibly poorly written. As stated above, many new fans criticize Moffat’s vision of the Daleks but a lot of older fans hate Davies’ vision for the Master. Russell already sets himself up for a fall in the sound of drums following on the end of the next episode. Martha suggested what a lot of older DW fans have often speculated and I also wondered. Is the Master the Doctor’s brother? The Doctor tells her she was watching too much TV but the way they argue, the whole rivalry between them and the way he reacts as he dies screams that they are related to each other. You can’t convince me he is crying just because the last of his species died. And that doesn’t even begin to count the number of cop outs Russell has made during his run.


^ See this image? Hand cop out! Hype disappointment!

Every finale a cop out happened. Most of these are the result of an a$$ pull. The end of Earth has come and mankind are about to become Daleks. The Doctor is about to die. What happens next? Rose absorbs the power within the Tardis and kills nearly half a million Daleks in a space of two minutes. The next finale actually got me hyped up with the Daleks coming out of the sphere. Rose stopping them from killing them makes sense. It was The Stolen Earth which got me, but more on that later. The next problem I have is that the Daleks are about to unleash armageddon on Earth (again) and they all get pulled back in. This time in the space of about four minutes but who is counting eh? Then the infamous scene in last of the timelords where “everybody thinks the word Doctor” and he becomes young again. I thought I was watching Sci-Fi. Now for an even bigger backside pull. Lets rewind time and forget it all happened. The spheres never came. Japan didn’t burn. The statue was never built. Only the president was assassinated. Next the Master allows himself to die despite the fact the Doctor just said he would never kill himself. And now for the part that really makes my blood boil. End the stolen earth with the Daleks about to exterminate Sarah Jane, Gwen and Ianto unleashing an armageddon of bullets on them and the Doctor about to regenerate. How epic was that? There is no way the next episode can fail. The BBC even said it was an extended episode during the credits. This is going to be the most gripping finale of Doctor Who yet. Next episode begins. The Doctor throws all his ‘energy’ into his hand and it cancels it out. LOL what? Mickey and Jackie appear out of nowhere to save Sarah Jane. The only continuation part which didn’t scream “how do I continue this within my deadline time while also seeming realistic enough” was the time lock in the Torchwood hub. Then when the end of the universe is about to approach suddenly Donna contradicts every law the Doctor Who universe has put up. She manages to use the controls to send the Daleks haywire. If they could do that to the Daleks the entire time WHY DIDN’T THEY?

See this is the difference I personally see when watching both writers put their finales in action. Steven Moffat uses the finale to answer questions we had earlier in the series whereas RTD seems to abuse the idea of action packed epic earth domination plots. When I watched Moffat’s astronaut finale, all the things that made me go WTF at the start of the series were addressed. He cleverly integrated the Doctor having a false body from a previous episode and it resulted in a interesting plot twist rather then a way to try and wrap everything up in the time he had left. Moffat’s finale was clearly planned whereas (towards the last 10 minutes at least) every one of RTD’s had some kind of cheap tactic to save the universe in the time they have left.

That is the real problem I have with Russell T Davies. He treats the audience like we are gullible and don’t pick up on his a$$ pulls. Sorry to burst his bubble but we do. There are far more criticisms in Russell T Davies than just his writing as well. I watched Doctor Who Confidential every time it was on for series 3 and the more I heard him talk the more I was convinced there is no limit to how much this guy fancies himself. His visions had as much flaw as Steven Moffat but unlike Moffat listening to RTD go on with himself during every DWC is more painful then having a needle. Especially the DWC that covered Utopia. I understand being passionate about the human race but to imply we will be here for 100 trillion years and that we are indomitable? I don’t have that much confidence in humans. Even the director questioned him when he read the script for this episode. He noticed the words Chan and Tho at the end of every sentence for a character in the episode called Chantho. He thought it was a typo. When he called Russell on it he admitted he can’t see that working but Russell said “no this is what she says and it works”. Sorry but ignoring the director of the episode is something you shouldn’t do. Its like all the media coverage and positive feedback brainwashed him into believing he can do no wrong. Because I only watched the third series confidentials I thought RTD was just arrogant by nature but as I watched the confidentials for the first series he seemed a lot more down to earth then he does covering these episodes. Given that I definitely thought he got (if not arrogant) very cocky.

Bored much?

I praise Steven Moffat for his choice of companions. He has definitely picked the best ones next to Rose. I thought Freema looked bored the entire time she was in it. It is because she looks so bored that I believe he is parading her around a lot in Torchwood and Doctor Who long after she left. Yes Steven Moffat throws bias at the weeping angels but no more than Russell T Davies does for Martha Jones. And if you don’t believe me that Martha looked bored the entire time, go watch her where she says to Harriet Jones “Yes I know who you are”.

Some of Steven’s visions are also slightly hinted at back when he first wrote for it. Take a look back and you see he was foreshadowing naming the Doctor as far back as the girl in the fireplace. Madame de Pompadour mentioned she saw the Doctor’s name when she was in his head. Its definitely a big gamble because there are older fans who may never want to know his name or may have knowledge of earlier episodes that contradict his final result. Steven Moffat definitely has his share of flaws as the main man behind Doctor Who however, I would argue they are few and far between that of RTD.

Victory of the Daleks wasn’t the best Dalek episode I have seen but it wasn’t the worst either. To this day I believe my least enjoyable episodes are in series 3. Sure the new Doctor Who could be better but it definitely delivers on finales in a way Russell T Davies couldn’t do in his sleep. There hasn’t been a single cliffhanger that didn’t cop out with Steven Moffat. They were all over the place with RTD. This is my opinion and I stand by it. The weeping angels are genuinely scary monsters. The futurekind look like they wear pantomime costumes.


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