Who should be in Metroid Warriors

Incoming horrible idea blasting people. I don’t care if this gets flamed. I would like to see Team Ninja return to Metroid. It wasn’t their idea to take that direction with the story. With their success at Hyrule Warriors they are talking about taking another stab at Nintendo franchises. I say let them crack Metroid. You are probably thinking what a horrible idea this is except I am thinking the same about Pokemon and Mario.

Obviously Samus and Zero Suit Samus are the main stays so this article will say who I’d like to play as if this game ever happened. In my order of most wanted.

1. Ridley


2. Rundas


3. Dark Samus


4. Sylux


5. A-Kul


6. Mini Kraid


7. Ghor


8. Admiral Dane


9. Adam Malkovich


10. The Baby


Honorable mention: Mother Brain

256px-MotherbrainMock it if you like but I see Metroid translating to the Musou franchise better than Pokemon or Mario.



  1. Jesse Angel · · Reply

    I actually think this idea is amazing with Samus along with different species/civilizations from the series, with each species/civilization having it’s central character(s), wage war. From the series we have Space Pirates, Luminoth, Chozo, Reptilicus race from planet Bryyo, maybe the robotic civilization from Skytown on planet Elysia, the Galactic Federation, and the Ing. Yet, I’m assuming that a Mario or a Pokemon crossover will be first to be worked on. Or maybe Fire Emblem. I would love for this to happen with Metroid anyway.

  2. Jesse Angel · · Reply

    I also forgot to mention the Alimbic race.

    1. Nice to see someone else who enjoyed Hunters. I’m glad somebody stopped to consider the possibilities here rather than outright dismissing it. Team NINJA never brought a lot of their ideas for Other M alive because every time they came up with something Sakamoto told them to do something else. They could use their ideas here.

      I like your idea about the Reptilicus. That one never crossed my mind.

      1. Honestly, I never played Metroid Prime: Hunters. I’ve only researched it, read about it in a magazine, and watched gameplays. I never had the money to purchase the game nor had the handheld. But about Sakomoto, I never knew he did that while Team Ninja was helping out.

      2. So how do you think the gameplay would be?

      3. I believe it would be a hybrid of Other M and Warriors without the constant dodging technique. It would be a lot easier to learn and adapt to. I can’t see them using the combat mechanics in Other M but I can see them improving on the mechanics that worked. In that respect I suppose it would feel more like Super Metroid in a 3D world. They would definitely take the feedback from Other M.

        So far this is all I could find for Sakamoto’s involvement.


        I swear I read somewhere that he also came up with the idea to implement the first person scan sequences. I’m looking for more information but as you probably know the producer makes the decisions involved with the game. People may pitch in but its up to the producer for how the game goes.

        The producer must also accept responsibility if the project should fail. Sakamoto rejected the story being a reason for the game to leave a mark on the series but I can definitely see why people would blame the story.

      4. Well hopefully Sakomoto will learn about what made the game bad.

  3. In addition to this topic, I hope the scrapped idea of the Mad AI, which was implemented for Echoes, is used somehow if this game is considered.

    1. Well if you could pass this along to people you know not only would I get more opinions but it might reach Nintendo. You never know who is reading. Eventually the idea will have to be pitched. I think it is a good way to test waters for the franchise since the characters I proposed cover most major games in the series.

      I never knew they had a final boss planned for the canned sequel. Thanks for the info.

      1. I don’t really know anyone through email. I’m still getting accustomed to the whole internet communication thing. So how do I pass this idea to others?

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