Smash Bros Characters: there is greed in numbers


Merry Christmas from myself.  I am writing an article that will likely get me flamed, anger, hate and anything else.  Note that before you read on, the object is not to insult you as a consumer or your expectations but to get you to reflect on why you believe 2 characters on this rumoured (note: the word rumoured) Smash Bros Switch port isn’t enough to justify the price.  My personal belief is that fans have heightened their expectations to the point where they ignore what they already have and ask for something much more without thinking of the effort it took to put in what more they are given.  Putting in these 2 characters will require more effort than putting in the first 2 DLC characters as the number of characters has risen.  It doesn’t mean they are holding out on us.  They are still putting effort in.  You just probably dismiss it because you wanted more.


Another thing to note before I move on.  I am not a corporate apologist by any means.  I have criticized many things from several companies: Capcom stringing their fans along, EA in general, Microsoft for their DRM tactics and yes, even the big N.  Here are just several criticisms I have in Smash Bros (to prove I am just not covering).

  • I have actively spoken with Nintendo about Sakurai’s evaluation on Ridley and why it is wrong.
  • I too feel there is a severe neglect towards certain franchises.
  • I think it was wrong of Sakurai to focus towards new characters in place of the characters that didn’t make it back.
  • The lack of Gamecube stages as DLC.
  • Finally: the criticism of Corrin.

I share some of these criticisms.  One criticism I can’t get my head around however is this criticism about a rumour (a rumour which has yet to be proven) that an updated Smash Bros port is coming to the Switch.  The rumour states: it is a Director’s Cut with 2 new characters.  Only 2 characters? Are they serious? Who in their right mind would pay it? We got 7 DLC characters right so we should be getting at least 5 here right?


^ The roster numbers to expect in Smash Bros 7 = Credit to S-Yardovich9X from DeviantArt

Or should we? See no amount was ever promised as to how many were actually expected in the Smash Bros port.  Lets assume this is true and the port is indeed coming with only 2 characters.  The first thing the critics bring up is characters.  They don’t think of anything else.  What about Smash Run with the graphics that Switch has? This was one of the first things that came to my attention.  Perhaps we could get a 2 Player mode with Switch’s improved power.  What about new stages? If the Ice Climbers return then a stage will probably return with them.  This would be brilliant because these were some of my favourite stages and to see them gone just because they were cut really upset me.  Perhaps we will get custom moves for the DLC characters.  Bayonetta getting all her attacks back but you have to customize them for example.

Has anybody actually thought of this or does reaching a number of 60 faces on the screen mean more to you then other content that could come?

What I expected


I originally thought we would get only 3 characters like with E3 last year.  Ice Climbers returning from Melee.  Snake or Wolf returning from Brawl and Inkling or Banjo stepping to the ring as a new character.  The only way I see 5 happening is if they are inflating the roster with clones.  Perhaps this is immediately why I am not annoyed at the possibility that the roster may not go up to a higher number.  My expectations have been kept realistic.

What else did I expect? I thought they might use the time to expand on Smash Run to make it a better experience.  This is my favourite new mode by far (it is also the reason my 3DS version is played more).  I also saw Ice Climbers stage returning and every playable character getting a section added in the Trophy cases (such as Bayonetta and Final Fantasy).

I was thinking more about the criticisms I had with the game personally rather then just seeing a new chance for more fighters.  My criticisms are with veterans being gone, stages getting mauled, DLC characters missing key features that other characters have, potential changes to some of the Final Smash moves.  These were the things I was thinking about.

I understand the need to want for more but people seem to be forgetting that there is more to this series than just the characters.  I would have liked Fourside back (or at least the music so I can create the level).

Ask yourself this question: why would 2 characters disappoint you?

It doesn’t bother me how many characters get in.  I am buying it because I want to play those fancy visuals on the go.

Happy new year to you all.


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